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Am I covered for volunteer driving?

You’re covered for volunteer driving. You don’t need to inform us if you want to be covered, but we’re unable to cover Community First Responders, unless you meet the criteria below, and other ‘Blue Light’ volunteers. To find out more about voluntary driving, please visit the Association of British Insurers. We’ll cover volunteer driving as long as the only expense you claim is a mileage allowance. Mileage allowances are set by HMRC and from 6 April 2012, you can claim up to 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles. The allowance then reduces to 25p per mile. If you’d like more information about mileage allowances, please visit the HMRC website.

We provide cover for volunteer Community First Responders under our Social, Domestic and Pleasure cover provided that:

  • you don't have access to or use blue lights on your own vehicle
  • you don't have an airside exposure or exposure to locations such as oil refineries, chemical factories or other hazardous locations where the public don't have a normal right of access
  • you have to comply with the rules of the road like most other motorists
  • you only claim an expense allowance in line with the HMRC requirements
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